On Tuesday, 31 Jan 2023 we will welcome friend-of-the-club, Dan Avey to speak to us about developments in Youth Unlimited in Simcoe as well as his progress with the Coldest Night of the Year (CNOY) fundraiser. Please go to the 'Read more ...' tab to find out more about this speaker. More information about Youth Unlimited may be found by clicking here.
We encourage open attendance all of those who are interested in this topic. 
If you would like to join in with us at this meeting (live or zoom), please contact our RCNS meeting coordinator at your earliest opportunity at this email link. 
By the way - have you signed up for the RCNS CNOY walking team yet?? See RCNS Team Brrrr. If yes, check out the progress at this link; if no, then click here to join us!
... been to our Sunrise Trail lately?
If not, you'll be interested to know that we've added some club identity to the Trail with improved signage that helps to recognize the recent priority we've placed on beautifying the Trail with trees, daffodils, brush clearance and general cleanup.
As you enter the Norfolk Sunrise Trail at Davis St you are greeted with a portal to our real-world Trail which also includes the club QR code as a portal to our digital-world website.
Great work by our Environmental group.

The Rotary Club of Norfolk Sunrise is proudly partnering with the Cancer Support & Resource Program of Norfolk to bring the dragon boats back to Shadow Lake for 2023!  Mark 24/25 June on your calendars and watch for registration details.

Details are being developed as you read this but are available by clicking on this link. If you have any early questions, or wish to contribute in any way, you may contact our event coordinator by email - click on this link.

On Tuesday, 24 Jan '23, and on our behalves, Pres Louise  welcomed our own Andy Kooistra as our morning Guest Speaker. At our hybrid (live+zoom) meeting at R83, his aim was to update us on the great work being done to develop the Waterford Heritage Trail.
Andy offered a well-prepared pictorial overview of the Trail in general and, more specifically, the historical changes that have unfolded over the years.  Of some interest was the group's appreciation for the financial and moral support received from our club in recent years.  Questions followed but the main feedback was the appreciation the community has for the improvements that this work has brought to the Waterford community and the County - well done.
Please go to the 'Read more ...' tab to find out more about this speaker and the topic discussed.
At our morning meeting on 17 Jan '23 at R83, we took the opportunity to formally 'pin' and welcome David Rusling into our ranks as the newest regular member of the Rotary Club of Norfolk Sunrise.
Ross Gowan welcomed David with the Rotary induction preamble, whilst Past-Pres Gail Catherwood 'pinned' David and presented him with his Rotary membership certificate. David's sponsor, Dave Bradshaw proudly looked on from his Zoom position; unable to be with us at the meeting. 
David has already proven his interest in, and value to, our community-minded group - we wish him a long and satisfying membership within his new-found Rotary family. Some extra photos may be found at the 'Read more ...' tab.
Welcome onboard, David.
It's such a wonderful, festive-season event and once again, our club has contributed more-than-its-fair share to the Salvation Army Kettle program. Once again, our organizer (Joanne Kiefer - see the frozen version at the photo!) worked with the Salvation Army coordinator (Doug Montgomery) to get us all involved at the collection points in Simcoe and Port Dover. She writes in the following note as results from our contributions;
Neither rain, nor snow, nor blizzard like conditions shall keep a Rotarian from their appointed kettle shift. And what a crazy four weeks of weather it was, particularly the last couple of days. This season our club covered approximately 44 shifts for a total of 88 hours of volunteer service. These hours assisted the Salvation Army in the preliminary total of $280,000 (as of Dec 22 – a few more kettles to add in and maybe some mail in or drop off donations yet to come). While the goal of $310.000 may not be met this year the drive was very successful considering the blizzard like conditions that hampered the last couple days of giving. Strangely, Doug Montgomery Kettle Coordinator stated while the Pandemic did not have many upsides, charities saw an increase in giving during the past few years. I would like to thank all Rotarians for the giving of your time during a very busy personal season for all of you. In addition, I pass on from Doug the following message, “Hats off to your club, all the best in 2023.” I look forward to the ringing of bells with all of you again next year!
After the excitement of the Christmas period, there is always a chance for a pause in festive-season spirits - but not with Bettyann Carty!
Again this year, Bettyann coordinated our outreach to Indwell in the form of New Year's Eve meal contributions to the residents of Hambleton Hall and Dogwood Suites. With generous funding support from our own club (RCNS accounts & members), and several community donors (Gloria Walpole & Lynn Cornfield), as well as the assistance of the local Swiss Chalet owner (John MacDonald), manager (Connie Grubb) and staff (Tianna & Sukhjinder), we gathered up 87 complete meal packs and delivered them to the very grateful residents living in both Indwell facilities (see the 'Read more ...' tab).  As an added gesture of support, each of the 87 residents received a $50 Food Basics gift card.
For everyone involved, it was a great way to end the old year and usher in a promising new one.
BZ to Bettyann and those who contributed to make her passion so worthwhile - Happy New Year everyone.
After much anticipation, we held our first Club meeting in the newly-minted, Riversyde 83, Food Hub facility - what a great meeting in an absolutely tremendous community facility. The facility proved to be an excellent venue for our meetings - the Church Out Serving group can be more-than-pleased with the outcome of their labours. 
Moreover, with Ross Gowan's skill, we conducted our first-ever 'hybrid' (ie live & digital together) session.
As the meeting unfolded, the following events were introduced by Pres Louise;
  • Welcome to R83, the Food Hub - we were welcomed and hosted by the very proud Board members of Church Out Serving, Eric Haverkamp and Virginia Lucas. They noted that over the 4 years of R83 construction, 15 RCNS members have helped, with a total of 2274.25 volunteer hours provided;
  • Welcome to our New Members (see individual story) - we welcomed Linda Muir, Carol Mummery and Wes Wilson as our newest, new members;
  • Rotary Corporate Awards (see associated story) - RCNS was presented with performance awards from Distr 7090 based on the work we have done in 2021-22;
  • RI Foundation Awards (see individual story) - RCNS was presented with recognition awards from RI based on the $$ contributions we have made in 2021-22;
  • Foundation Benefactor Award (see associated story) - George Cornfield was recognized as a new 'Benefactor' to the Foundation; and
  • Paul Harris Awards (see individual stories) - Nancy Sherwin & Gail Bouw were celebrated for their ongoing and impressive support of our communities.
More detailed stories concerning these presentations can be found on the website (see stories below) or at
At the most recent RCNS weekly meeting congregated at R83 the Food Hub, Distr Gov Lisa Bishop welcomed/inducted three new members to our morning Club; Linda Muir, Carol Mummery and Wesley Wilson. Go to the 'Read more ...' tab for more details/photos.
How great it is to have new blood, new energy, new ideas - each of us offers a warm welcome to you all.
It has been a very good year for us as we continue to grow and develop. In addition to the nine (9) new members we have attracted during the course of 2022, we are also set to accept even more new members to our Club in 2023, as the Delhi Rotary Club sun is about to set on a most successful club with a community contribution one can be so proud of - more details to follow.
As an RCNS Regular Member, did you know that almost all of the information found on your home-based, Club Runner (CR) desk-top computer access, can be found on your cell phone?
All you need to do is download the CR App from any App Store and install it on your phone. To download the CR App from the Apple App Store or from Google Play, simply type in 'ClubRunner' in the search bar.
The enclosed, ~1 minute, video provides for some information and instructional assistance.
Once installed, your phone will then provide you with easy access to data from our RCNS records such as;
  • links our club and district websites;

  • regular club member personal contact information (phone numbers, addresses etc);

  • an up-to-date schedule of events and speakers; and

  • recent stories.

Those who have it on their phones use it frequently - if you don't have it yet, why not give it a try!
Following five, successfully-concluded licences of our ever-popular Catch the Ace (CTA) fundraiser, the Rotary Club of Norfolk Sunrise, with the support of the Port Dover Legion Branch 158, is now well-advanced into the week-by-week draws of our sixth licence. It started on Friday 03 June 2022 and will conclude once the Ace of Spade is finally drawn.
Once a licence is concluded, a summary of the results is generated. This summary information is then shared with the local print media and can also be found on this web-site - ie see our FUNdraiser Tab at the top of this website to see the results and winners of our fifth licence.
For those who follow the CTA game on a more regular basis, the best way to stay abreast of the current results is to visit our FaceBook site. You may find an image of our FB Page as a panel on this web-page or you may wish to visit our FB Page by clicking on this link. Alternatively, the results are also posted to our weekly RCNS Bulletin (the 'Sunriser'). Normally, it is released to our members and friends on a weekly basis. If you are not a subscriber and you might wish to join the mailing list, please see the 'RCNS Bulletin Subscribe' panel as given at this website.
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Coldest Night of the Year
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