At our meeting on 24 Oct, Assistant Governor Keith Jones introduced District Governor Scott Marcin.  Over the fall DG Scott is visiting the 67 Rotary Clubs in District 7090.  He noted that our Club is a very enthusiastic group so early in the morning; the activity level and diversity of projects undertaken by our Club is a great example. 
DG Scott reminded us that November is Foundation Month and the District will be holding the Foundation Gala on November 12 in Niagara-on-the-Lake.  Scott spoke about Rotary’s Polio Prevention efforts and the benefits that have accrued from the Polio campaign to other health issues as well. 
He encouraged us to consider the many challenges in our world in the areas of peace, mental health, maternal health, food security, the environment, literacy, and how we can act to address these issues in our community.  We can all assist in creating hope in the world.
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DG Scott asked :”Are you in a Rotary Club or are you a Rotarian?”  The difference is in our level of engagement and involvement to make a difference.  Let’s be Rotarians who make a difference in someone’s life. - we may never meet but we will have had an impact and given someone hope.
Scott asked us to reflect on our past successes (just for a moment) and then continue to look forward.  Continue to show care and concern for each other, continue to make lasting changes in the world and your community and we can create hope in the world. 
DG Scott presented President John Wallace with the theme banner – Create Hope in the World- and presented us all with theme pins.  President John thanked him for his inspiring words. 
Dave Nicolle told a story of a Rotary bell found at a home in Waterford “Presented by the Rotary Club of Buffalo to the Rotary Club of Frankinville in 1956”.  He will arrange an opportunity for the finder of the bell to return it to the Buffalo Club in the spring with DG Scott’s assistance. 
In the picture to the right President John Wallace signs the cross-border D7090 flag as a commemoration of Scott's visit with us.