imageNorfolk Sunrise at Work

Norfolk Sunrise’s organization and activities reflect the 5 Avenues of Rotary Service (Community Service, International Service, New Generations, Vocational Service and Club Service).  The broad scope of club activities are carried out through the Standing Committees briefly described below.  The Club is governed by a Board, chaired by the Club President, that includes the Chairs of each Standing Committee as well as the club's Past President, President Elect, Treasurer and Secretary.  

Executive Committee (EC). Includes the President, Steve Malo, Past President Rudi Atkinson, President Elect Louise Schebesch, Secretary Nancy Sherwin and Treasurer George Cornfield.

Club Service (CSvcC). The CSvcC is responsible for all club meeting administration, issues and conduct as well as the organization and promotion of our club social activities.  The 2020-2021 committee members include Gail Bouw - Chair, Marjorie Dawson, Bettyann Carty, and Kristina Kett

Public Relations and Communications (PR&CC). The PR&CC is responsible for all club internal and external communications activities  including a weekly club bulletin (The Sunriser), the club website and facebook pages, signage, press releases, club archives and advertizing Norfolk Sunrise and  Rotary programs.  The 2020-2021 committee members include Jim Simpson - Chair, Ross Gowan, Emma Brown, Carol Greentree and our Club Secretary Nancy Sherwin.

Community Services Committee (CSC). The CSC manages the club’s Community Services budget, develops and oversees projects and activities the club undertakes to improve life in Norfolk. The 2020-2021 committee members include Mary Mercato – Chair, Dave Douglas  Helga Steurmer, Jim Peters, Sue Finnie, Dave Nicolle, Kate Stratford, Scott Williams.

International Service Committee (ISC) The ISC manages the club’s World Community Services budget, promotes the work of The Rotary Foundation and oversees the club’s world community service initiatives. The 2020-2021 committee members include  Andy Kooistra – Chair,  Jim Dawson, Kathryn Vance, Donna Raytrowski, Don Emerson, Dave Bradshaw & John Wallace. 

Youth & Exchange Committee (Y&EC). The Y&EC is responsible for a wide range of youth activities. including RotaryYouth Exchange , Early Act. Interact, Rotaract, Welshpool Youth Exchange, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA), and Slapshop.  The 2020-2021 committee members include Alan Plater - Chair,  Stella Barker, Tina Millea, & Cheryl Peck. 

Ways & Means Committee (W&MC). The W&MC is responsible for all club fund raising activities.  The 2020-2021 committee members include Tracy Winkworth - Chair,  Yvonne DiPietro, Keith Flexman, Keith Jones, Cathy Harrop, Lucine McKay, Paul Zorad, and Louise Schwebesch.

Membership Committee (MC). The MC is responsible for all club membership recruitment, retention, member development/traininjg activities, and for promoting vocation as an avenue of service.  The 2013-14 committee members include Gail Catherwood - Chair, Joanne Kiefer, Lyndsey Ross, Peter Wheatley.