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The Youth and Exchange (Y&E) Committee is responsible for all youth exchange and other Rotary exchange activities. The Committee supervises and coordinates the club's New Generations activities including Youth Exchange, Early Act, Interact, Rotaract, Slapshop, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, and the unique Welshpool Youth Exchange in colaberation with our "Rotary Twin" club - the Rotary Club of Welshpool in Wales. 

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Every year, more than 7,000 young people will have the opportunity of a lifetime - a chance to live in another country and see the world from a new perspective through Rotary Youth Exchange. Rotary Youth Exchange students spend a year living with host families and attending school in a country other than their own. They learn a new way of living, maybe even a new language, and a great deal about themselves. As they learn, they also teach the people they meet about their country, culture, and ideas. They are young ambassadors, helping to bring the world closer together and making some good friends in the process.

In 2012-2013,    name    from  town/highschoolis our outbound exchange student will spend a year and attend school in town,country.    
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and Bryan Lee from Tiawan is the Norfolk Sunrise  inbound exchange student.  During his year in Simcoe Bryan attends Simcoe Composite School and lives with host families in Simcoe area. Bryan (on right) together with exchage students from Delhi and Simcoe Rotary Clubs (Leigh Bathgate, New Zealand and Filip       , Sweden) meet “The Lady of the Lake”, Annaleise Carr
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EarlyAct is a school-wide service club for elementary students from ages 5 to 13. It is sponsored by one of the local Rotary clubs in the township in which the school is located. EarlyAct provides young students the opportunity for gaining an increased awareness and knowledge of their community and the world. At a young age, all students can easily be encouraged to be caring and helpful. Their minds are open to recognize the dignity and worth of each individual which builds respect for others.

Norfolk Sunrise sponsored an EarlyAct Club at Simcoe's Elgin Public School in the spring of 2008. Since then, the club has undertaken a wide range of service projects locally (e.g.: Environment Day Clean Up) and internationally ("Soccer Balls for Africa, ) members of the Club starred in the Rotary Centennial Afghanistan School Challenge video. They have even hosted their first "Spelling Bee", which proved to be a great success.

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Doverwood Elementary School has established an EarlyAct Club in Port Dover. The members of this club reacted magnificently to the tragic events in Haiti, not only raising $1,500 themselves, but also challenging their neighbouring schools to do the same. The result was that collectively they handed over a cheque for $4500 to Norfolk Sunrise, which we managed to double with matching funds from the Canadian government to buy Shelter Boxes for Haiti.

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