Jan 22, 2019 7:00 AM
Lorrie Green- Local Artist
Eco Presentation on Endangered/At Risk Species of Turtles

I am native to Norfolk County, born and raised on a tobacco farm just west of Simcoe, Ontario.

My love for Nature has always been a source of inner peace and love, with roots tied to my Grandfather, Earl Maxwell, who was a fur trapper. When I was a little girl I accompanied him on his

trap lines, learning early on about the beautiful landscapes and all life forms indigenous to the local

valleys and creeks. It was during those formative years that I learned to appreciate the perfection of

Nature and fell in love with immersing myself in its beauty to renew that peace within my heart and


I am particularly drawn to turtles and chose this selection to create awareness around the

declining species that are at risk or endangered. I find them incredibly beautiful-I feel so connected

to these masterpieces of Nature when capturing their essence through my lens.