Following the 2024-2025 activity year, it was time for the Sunrisers to enjoy ourselves at the Waterford Legion and to conclude some essential Club business before our summer break. It was planned as a social moment to reflect on that which we have accomplished, to recognize our most recent Paul Harris recipients (see two accompanying stories), to induct our new Board Directors for 2024-2025, to offer our thanks and respect to our Outgoing President John Wallace and to welcome in our Incoming Co-Presidents Ross Gowan & Mary Mercato
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Our thanks go out to our Club Services Chair, Gail Bouw for organizing the evening, to the Waterford Legion for the wonderful meal and facility, and to Lisa Bishop who provided emcee guidance through all of this.
Now, for a short summer break - we look forward to several social get-togethers to keep us going until a very challenging fall schedule of business & fun begins!
Let the 'Magic of Rotary' continue.
Lead-In Remarks.
Our Master of Ceremonies, Past District 7090 Governor Lisa Bishop opened the meeting with a reflection on those who sacrificed themselves and are now symbolized by our host, the Royal Canadian Legion at Waterford - we spent a moment in silence. Friends and Guests were introduced. John Wallace lead us in a rousing rendition of O Canada and Scott Williams lead us in Grace before the meal was served. After the meal, she also singled out the kitchen staff who had prepared our meal for us noting that they had also been active participants in the Dragon Boat festival we had hosted two days before. 
Paul Harris Awards
Joanne Kiefer, Gail Catherwood and Ross Gowan were presented with PH awards. See two other stories at for details.
The New Board 2024-2025
Past District Governor Lisa Bishop and Co-President Ross Gowan offered heartfelt thanks for the outgoing Board and called for the Club to recognize the new Board Executive & Directors for 2024-2025 including Co-Presidents Ross Gowan & Mary Mercato, Past-President John Wallace, President-Elect Mary Mercato, Louise Schebesch (Treasurer, Finance), Nancy Sherwin (Secretary), Gail Bouw (Club Service), Scott Williams (Community Service), Jim Dawson (International Service), Gail Catherwood (Membership), Kristine Carey (Ways & Means), Rudi Atkinson (Youth Service) & Jim Simpson (Public Image).  Thanks to outgoing Board Director Emma Brown.  Welcome to incoming Board member Kristine Carey.
RCNS President - Changeover 2024
Our RCNS Outgoing President
We said 'well-done' to Outgoing President John Wallace ending his second term as our President. With some considerable pride, John spoke to us about the 'flower bouquets' we were - club members as his roses and club projects as his hydrangeas!!  John went on to explain the real meaning of 'Nameste' and how its sense (I honour that which is within you') relates to all of us. Our incoming Co-President Mary Mercato 'pinned' John as our most recent Past President. Club Services Chair and evening organizer, Gail Bouw presented John with a gift of sincere appreciation from all of us - a donation to Operation Eyesight in his name - what else!?!
Our RCNS Incoming Co-Presidents
Lisa Bishop introduced and inducted our two incoming Co-Presidents Ross Gowan & Mary Mercato. Both took their opportunities to thank outgoing John for his leadership and to express their ideas, plans, hopes and dreams for the upcoming two years. In particular, they stressed their commitment to the Co-Chair trial, noting that District 7090 had a keen interest in watching the progress we would be making with it. Both commented on the new RI theme for the upcoming year; 'The Magic of Rotary'. They concluded by noting their pride in taking the lead of such a successful club.
Outgoing President Remarks to Incoming Presidents
John underlined the new RI Theme ('The Magic of Rotary') as he wished Ross and Mary the very best for the next two years and presented them with some thematic gifts.
Lisa Bishop was introduced as our newest Club member; transferred from the inactive Delhi Club. Louise Schebesch was introduced as our new Treasurer.