What a great group of young ambassadors representing Norfolk Sunrise while visiting Welshpool, Wales! Check out the photo and the rest of the story ...


Nine students, representing four Norfolk secondary schools, visited Welshpool for ten days in mid-March, accompanied by Rotarians Jim and Marjorie Dawson.  While there, the students lived with host families and learned a great deal about life in Wales. Apparently their most memorable event was the livestock auction, not to be outdone by the weather-delayed full-day layover in the Philadelphia airport and the misplacement of one anxious student’s passport.

The Welshpool Exchange is an annual exchange of students between the two twinned Rotary clubs – Norfolk Sunrise and Welshpool.

Shown in the photo, from the left, are Katie, Rotarian Jim, Garret, Laura, James, Sarah, Lauren, Philip, and Rotarian Marjorie.  Cassidy, the ninth student, missed the photo op.