Pulled from Rotary Club of Welshpool Facebook Page:


"Seven students from Ontario, Canada, visited Welshpool last week, following the visit to Canada by Welshpool High School students last autumn. This is an annual exchange organised between the Rotary Clubs of Welshpool and Simcoe, Ontario. The students visited  Powys Castle, were taken to Chester where they received a tour by a professional guide, and went to Blist Hill. They spent time in Welshpool High School, visited the coast and experience lambing at a local farm. They also made an excellent presentation to Rotary Club members at the club’s weekly meeting.

Good weather helped the week’s activities go smoothly, and both host and visiting students enjoyed themselves thoroughly. The educational benefits will stay with the students for some time, and friendships formed during these exchanges endure for many years. Indeed, many friendships from the very first years are still firmly active.

The exchange is part of an extensive programme of support to local youth and schools undertaken by the Rotary Club of Welshpool. Members of the club are actively involved in making the week run smoothly.

The pictures show the visit to Blists Hill in Ironbridge Gorge"



Mike Pepper of the Rotary Club of Welshpool added in a separate note :

"I have never seen a group of students get on so well together, they all showed respect for parents, chaperones and Rotarians. They gelled together in friendly camaraderie and in the true spirit of the Exchange.

As to the presentation at Rotary, it was the most professional and well received talk by students (from either side of the pond) I can remember. The students were confident, well spoken, uninhibited and skilful. I got the impression it was not a chore but an enjoyment doing it. As it was an evening meeting we had no time pressure and it was the first presentation to which hosting parents were invited. Something we intend to repeat in years to come. "

Well Done Guys!!!!