From RCNS Member Bettyann Carty...
WOW! Who knew that pancakes and sausage patties would be such a hit. This "pay it forward" to our community event was an over the top success. There were a total of 120 adults and 110 kids over the 2 hour event. Last year was approximately 80 guests. The Junior Farmer's building is the perfect venue with lots of space for the kids to play without restrictions. The Xmas blow-ups are so fascinating to the kids and the colouring table was never empty.  Simple things in life are still so important. Of course having Santa, Mrs. Claus and the Elves during this very busy time for them was special.
Our struggles during the past few years have been "How do we get the word out?" Well, thanks to Sue Finnie, that problem has been solved. SOCIAL MEDIA! I chatted with several families and that was the response along with some seeing the posters. Thank you so much Sue for sharing the event on the websites. The new problem for next year will be "How do we get enough food to serve the masses?!" What a great problem to have and we have a year to chat about that.
In closing, THANK YOU SO MUCH to the volunteers from our Rotary family, including our Welshpool exchange girls and family members. There were a total of 76 volunteer hours on Friday and Saturday for setting up, cooking, hosting, clean-up and dismantling the tables, etc. I am in awe of the participation and enthusiasm of everyone involved.
My sincere thank you to everyone.