Following the 2022-2023 activity year, it was time to enjoy ourselves at the Waterford Legion and to conclude some essential Club business before our summer break. It was planned as a great social moment to reflect on that which we have accomplished, to recognize our most recent Paul Harris recipients (see two accompanying stories), to induct our new Board for 2023-2024, to offer our thanks and respect to our Outgoing President Louise Schebesch and to welcome in our Incoming President John Wallace. Moreover, we were able to offer our gratitude to Outgoing District 7090 Governor Lisa Bishop for the role she has played in our Rotary lives over the past year.
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Thanks to Club Services Chair, Gail Bouw for organizing the evening, the Waterford Legion for the wonderful meal and facility, Ross Gowan who lead us in prayer, as well as Keith Jones & Ross Gowan who provided emcee guidance through all of this.
Now, for the summer break - (where we only have a July golf tournament and an August lawn bowling event to keep us going)! 
Paul Harris Awards
Jennifer Rodger was pinned as a PH Fellow for her community work in support of a local Ukrainian family whilst Ross Gowan was recognized for his ongoing support of the RI Foundation. Both are the subjects of specific accompanying stories at this website.
The New Board 2023-2024
District Governor Lisa Bishop, Outgoing-President Louise Schebesch and Incoming-President John Wallace offered heartfelt thanks for the outgoing Board and called for the Club to recognize the new Board for 2023-2024;  President John Wallace, Past-President Louise Schebesch, President-Elect George Cornfield, Treasurer Emma Brown, Secretary Nancy Sherwin, Club Service Chair Gail Bouw, Community Service Chair Scott Williams, International Service Chair Jim Dawson, Foundation Chair Keith Jones, Public Image Chair Jim Simpson, Membership Chair Gail Catherwood, Ways & Means Chair Louise Schebesch, Environmental Chair Steve Malo, Youth Co-Chairs Rudi Atkinson & Alan Plater.
Thanks to outgoing Board members; Dave Nicolle and Tina Millea.  Welcome to incoming Board members; Emma Brown, Scott Williams and Jim Dawson.
RCNS President - Changeover 2023
Our RCNS Outgoing President
We said 'well-done' to Outgoing President Louise Schebesch ending her second consecutive term as our President. With some evident emotion, Louise spoke to us about her two terms, the successes we had achieved and 'the team' that had helped her along the way. She expressed her genuine appreciation for 'the team' and noted how good she felt about leading our group through a difficult period.   Club Services Chair, and evening organizer, Gail Bouw presented Louise with a gift of sincere appreciation from all of us!

Relief After Two! Consecutive Years as Club President
... so many mixed feelings about standing down from a job so-well-done but a glass of wine always helps!
Our RCNS Incoming President
Our incoming President John Wallace is no stranger to leading our Club having already had such an opportunity many years ago. He formed his comments based on the way in which our Club has grown over the years and how much experience we had accumulated to such a positive end. He noted the leadership style we could expect from him - allowing for creativity and initiative to unfold, where such advances were legally and morally sound. He introduced the RI theme for the upcoming year; 'Create Hope in the World' as well as his own Hope to contribute. He concluded that he was counting on the virtues of our leadership structure and was proud to be taking the lead of such a successful club.
Recognizing Our Outgoing D7090 District Governor
Friend of our Club and last member standing at the Delhi Rotary Club, DG Lisa Bishop attended our Changeover and performed official duties during the last three days of her District Governorship. In addressing the Club, she reflected on her (and Lionel's) experiences over the year, the model and example she had been provided by the late Karen Oakes, the regard in which our Club is held within the District and thanked everyone for their support over the year. In particular, she noted her gratitude for our contribution (in her own name) towards the District 7090 'Best of Friends Heritage Endowment Fund'. Ross and Louise offered remarks and presented Lisa with a modest gift in appreciation for all that Lisa has done for our Club and District 7090.