Posted by Susanne Finnie
The Rotary Club of Norfolk Sunrise had community members trying to “Catch the Ace” for a very long time.  The draws were held each Friday at the Port Dover Legion.  It was never anticipated the Ace of Spades would be revealed with the 52nd card and would last the full 40 weeks, the maximum number of weeks allowed by County gaming rules.  Every week, until the Ace was revealed, a lucky winner received $500 in prize money.  In total $100,000 was raised with $30,000 going to the winner, $20,000 given out in weekly draws, and $50,000 going to Rotary for distribution into the community.
On January 4, 2019, a standing-room-only crowd attended for the final night, The excitement was electric until the Ace of Spades was revealed and the winner, Nadia Waiton, was announced and took home the $30,000 winner’s cheque.  This fundraising event had supporters on their feet each time a winner was announced.  In the end, it came down to the last envelope, which by the process of elimination, had to be the Ace of Spades.  The crowd erupted when the winner of this progressive draw was finally announced.    
This popular fundraiser was organized by The Rotary Club of Norfolk Sunrise once before and that too yielded a successful response, running its full course, just as the event did this year.  Thanks to all the Rotarians who volunteered for this event.  A special note of gratitude goes to the Rotarian organizers - Gail Catherwood, Gail Bouw, and Sue O’Dwyer.  Their leadership and dedication is what made this fundraising event such a great success!  Our community will certainly benefit from this fundraising initiative.