Over the past several years, our Club has been an ongoing supporter of the First Nation's peoples at Pikangikum. Donations of time, talent and funds have been coordinated by Jim & Marjorie Dawson. Jim writes in that ...
"Here are some pictures from the Pikangikum Christmas concert.  We have been supporting the School music program for many years with guitars, keyboards, drums and performance equipment such as speakers.  This years event was spread over three days because of all of the various musical programs and has become a major production.  Our friend and guitar player Trav Peters even stayed at the school for three days because someone in his home was in quarantine and he was helping to set up the sound systems."
Go to the 'Read more ...' tab to see a few additional pictures of the concert incl a photo of Trav with music teacher Morris.
Our latest club latest donation to the music program was for music and music theory books.  We also helped them get a Music Counts grant for instruments last year.