Following a very successful venture in 2020 (right in the middle of the pandemic!), we decided it was important to try collecting hygiene products for those in need, once again. Our aim was to partner with community vendors (incl two employers) to collect feminine hygiene products for distribution to our local Norfolk County food banks (five of them), the woman’s shelter, St Vincent de Paul and the Salvation Army.
After securing the support of eleven retail outlets/collection points in four of our Norfolk communities, we were able to bring the total collection together and produce 3-5 boxes of product for each recipient location. 
Between 15-20 volunteers participated in this very worthy service project with representation from each of the three local Rotary Clubs.  With Area Co-ordinator Bob Stevenson's oversight, Joanne Kiefer and Mary Mercato (both from RCNS) organized and ensured that the event would be as successful as possible. They would like to thank all those who participated and helped out in any way to bring this project to fruition. 
Menstrual health supports girls/young women’s mental and social well being. Plan International Canada reported in 2019 that 34% of women/ girls had to occasionally or often make budgetary sacrifices to afford menstrual products and that 63% missed an activity regularly or occasionally because they were menstruating and had concern for access to product or proper sanitation facilities. 
We would like to think that we made a modest difference in the face of this very difficult community issue.
It was a great day (of action!) - our gratitude goes out to all who donated and/or participated.
How we did it:  Our ACTION plan in ACTION! 
1. Recipient organizations were contacted to assess need
2. Potential collection sites were contacted to determine interest in participation
3. Collection sites were set up in Simcoe, Port Dover, Waterford, Delhi, (11 in total) , with a volunteer assigned to set up and monitor at each location. 
4. Poster was updated from last time, printed, and boxes were decorated with rotary colours. 
5. Advertising was arranged in the reformer, Tillsonburg/Norfolk News and Norfolk Events Calendar. The radio was given info. The poster was included on social media sites of the clubs. Post Media did a story on our day of action. 
6. Boxes were left in place for 3 weeks (April 14 - May 4)
7. Venture Norfolk agreed to be our final collection, packing, distribution site.
8. Boxes with product were delivered to Venture Norfolk on May 5. A small group of volunteers unpacked and sorted product 
9. On May 5, RCNS determined dollars available in budget to purchase and supplement already collected products. Delivered to Venture Norfolk on May 6 
10. On May 6, another group of volunteers packed product for distribution to 8 locations. Some locations were delivered that day, others will be dropped off within the next week. 
A Selection of Photos from this Day of Action