On Sunday, 30 October, we gathered on an absolutely perfect fall day, to celebrate Halloween, our Rotary friend Keith Flexman, to learn more about our beautiful County and to practice our road rally skills. What a great day ... we had 48 signed up to participate in the actual rally (for a total of 15 cars) .. we had 57 take part in dinner at the Waterford Legion (that includes the 7 take out dinners from those that couldn't make it).
Here's guessing that no one will ever think of the Cockshutt the same way ever again.
The RCNS offers sincere thanks to those local businesses that participated by giving out little bonuses along the way ie Sam's Place, Chambers Maple Syrup and Perks of Norfolk.  Given a chance, please thank them for their community spirit!  Our thanks also go out to the RCNS organizing team (led by Pres Louise Schebesch and master event organizer Cathy Harrop); the group shown in the enclosed photo.
Go to the 'Read more ..' tab to see who won as well as for a selection of other photos from a terrific day.
The 2022 winners! Team, 'Too Hot to Handle'.
Bonus points were available for dressing in costume and Halloween decorating the vehicle. This team brought that in spades. Bragging rights and a fantabulous trophy for a year.  Left to right; Kristen Ghesguiere, Louise Schebesch, Tina Millea, Joyce Flexman along with Event Organizer Cathy Harrop.
Other photos;