With continuing RCNS volunteer and financial support, Church Out Serving remains committed to helping the disadvantaged with a variety of drop-in and delivered, food support programs; even  (or may it be said, especially) during the festive season break.
   Joyce & Ross Gowan along with Lynda & Jim Simpson continue to offer up RCNS volunteer support to the emergency meal hamper program, one of the COS programs delivering food support to over 150 families all over Norfolk County. 
   In the photo, we see Lynda Simpson along with COS volunteers Pat and Lauren (the observant might notice a clear resemblance to Lucine McKay; Lauren's proud Rotarian grandmother!) loading up a delivery destined for the Langton area of the County. If you go to the "Read more ..." section, you can get an idea of a typical hamper delivery prepared for one of the needy families in that area.