Santa Claus came a bit early for our hard-working Treasurer this year!
   At this morning's closed Zoom meeting of the Club (our Annual General Meeting), George's annual finance report was interrupted by a special and unexpected delivery at his front door - presumably an early arrival of Santa Claus. We all enjoyed George's clear surprise as he opened his RCNS Christmas gift and found that he had been selected as the most recent of those in our Club to have been awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship.
   Our own John Wallace offered comments in support of this very well-received award - these remarks may be read by clicking on the Read More ... box; just below.
   Well done George - very well deserved.



PAUL HARRIS FELLOW Presentation to George Cornfield December 15, 2020. Speaker: John Wallace

There are certain jobs that few people line up to take on. Cleaning latrines and serving as a treasurer for an organization often have a similar appeal. Having done both roles in my lifetime I speak from experience.

This club has been fortunate to have had the long term support of Keith Flexman over the years, and then more recently of the late Sue O’Dwyer. As Sue quietly and privately got more and more ill, details got left in a box. Because of her years of experience many details were in her head. After her untimely death the club needed a new treasurer to take on the commitment. Past President Rudi asked George to take on the commitment. And he, with his lifetime experience in banking dug in and helped restructure and reorganize the system to make it more comprehensible and easier for club members to follow. Our beloved Keith Flexman whom we greatly appreciate was referred to as ‘smoke and mirrors’ Flexman with much respect. That mantle now goes to George, as “Creative George”. There is nothing wrong with buggy whips and high button shoes. But George, to his credit, has dragged us into more modern and current approaches. This allows certain committees to use credit cards to access funds, and for all of us to do e-transfers to our accounts. Anyone who can get Keith Jones dragged into the 21st Century, and be comfortable with e-transfers has worked a miracle!

George has spent truly hundreds of hours following up and reorganizing the system of reporting, and we now have a new auditor firm, Good Redden and Klosler, and now also have a professional bookkeeper, Connie Forsythe of the Simcoe Club. About George, Steve Malo reported: I know of no person who has tackled such a task with such conviction”.George was a member of this club for several years, and then his profession took him away from the area. When he returned to again to live in the area he had the wisdom to return to Norfolk Sunrise for which we are grateful. He is supportive of all of our projects, and in this most recent role has truly exemplified “Service Above Self”.

George, it is an honour to install you as our newest Paul Harris Fellow. Well done! Congratulations!