Posted by Ross Gowan on Sep 19, 2017
Melanie Doerksen presented a very interesting story about the history and present state of of hop growing in Norfolk. Although hops have been grown since the early settlers brought the crop here from England, growers are still plagued with disease from mildew.  The crop grows on "bines" that are supported to grow 18 to 25 feet high. The primary market for hops is in brewing, and the current popularity of craft brewing in Ontario has triggered a resurgence in growing hops so that local brewers can use locally grown hops.
Melanie, with her husband Tim Wilson, operate the Carolinian Hop Yard near Walsh, and have entered the craft brewing business as the Charlotteville Brewing Company.  Melanie is a red seal chef, and when their new facility opens both food and craft beer will be served.  Can't wait to visit!
In photo, Keith Jones introduces Melanie Doerksen.