Was this not an inspiring meeting today, hearing from some of the community groups supported by the Rotary Club of Norfolk Sunrise?

In photo, from left: Megan Gates, Jane Drescher, Heidi Bowman, Tricia Morris and Cindy Hooyenga.



Tricia Morris and Cindy Hooyenga told us about Cindy’s use of the raised garden beds in Simcoe’s Community Garden, built by our club with support from the Community Garden folks and Eising Greenhouses.  The ability for Cindy to garden has clearly lit a spark in her life.

Megan Gates accounted how our club donated funds so that 35 teens from the Turning Point program in Frogmore could travel to the pool in Simcoe for swimming lessons.  The majority of these teens had not learned to swim previously, and asked specifically to have swimming lessons – so we made that happen.

Heidi Bowman represented Simcoe Little Theatre and explained how the large screen TV we funded now allows the Theatre to use their meeting space more effectively for meetings and other events.

For the Norfolk Pregnancy Centre, Jane Drescher impressed upon us the difference that our support has made in the lives of the many young mothers who use their new facility on Robinson Street in Simcoe. Our club funded the renovations for one of the Care Rooms.  Jane explained that their new location has allowed them to almost double in the past year the number of moms who come to learn parenting skills.

Do meetings like this make you proud to be associated with the Rotary Club of Norfolk Sunrise?