Rudi Atkinson, RCNS member, introduced our speaker, Jen Lados.  Rudi and Jen had worked closely together when Rudi was Guidance Head at Valley Heights Secondary School. Jen works with the Haldimand-Norfolk Women’s Services. She has served as a case manager and is now a (STop Abuse in Relationships) STAR Counsellor in four high schools in Haldimand-Norfolk, and is an advocate for women.
Jen outlined the several locations, programs and services Women’s Services delivers from Simcoe.  The Women’s Shelter is a residential home with 20 beds for women and families that need shelter due to abuse. It is typically filled to capacity, and the average stay is approximately 6 weeks.  The Transitional Support Program assists women who may not need a sheltered home, or who have moved on from the Shelter, and helps many women who wish to leave an abusive relationship or who have already done so. Women’s Services delivers therapy programs, including one for victims of sexual assault. They have child & youth workers in each of the primary and secondary schools in Norfolk, and provide counsellors to work with residents of Quetzel Family Homes, which is an apartment building for women.  Women’s Services delivers the Justice for Women program and the GIRLS PowerCamp.  They work closely with other social services agencies in the area.
Jen fielded several questions from our members, and noted that Women’s Services is always looking for volunteers. When asked about the purple scarf that she had designed in 2017, Jenn noted how honoured she was to have been chosen as the designer for this province-wide fundraiser. Over 50 of these scarves were purchased through our club, and 75% of the sales revenue came back to the local Women’s Services.     
President Gail presented Jenn with a “Gift of Sight” certificate.