Recognizing the special occasion of a visiting Rotary Team of Scottish curlers to Norfolk County on 10 Nov '22, it was decided to have a joint gathering of our two clubs; the RCS and the RCNS. 
Following a terrific lunch of perch at the Erie Bach and a great afternoon of curling, the group convened at the Simcoe Legion for an evening of fellowship, dining and entertainment ... all of this in the company of our 16 Scottish visitors. It was, indeed, a memorable night.
Added details about the evening's events as well as a selection of photos from the banquet may be found by going to the 'Read more...' tab below. A more complete assortment of photos from the day's events may be found at our CR Photo Album - go to this link.
As the Scottish curlers moved on to London (one of the other 12 stops on their '22 Tour), we were left to be grateful for chance to get together as sister-clubs, for the friends we had made, for our success in creating a memory for our visitors and for the pivotal part the special guests, curlers, hosts and partners played in it all.
Yes, it was a 'roaring' memory. Thankyou.
With over 80 in attendance, it was widely considered that this was indeed a very unique occasion. We were regaled with the music of Pipe Major Brad Smith from the Paris Port Dover Pipe Band, entertained with the vocal leadership offered by John Wallace, welcomed by our District 7090 Governor Lisa Bishop, treated to the Curlers Grace by Nancy Sherwin, informed of matters related to the Legion by Guest Speaker James Christison and amused with presentations made by members of the visiting Scottish curling team. Notably, a very proud Neville Wright presented a piece on the 'Road to Gold' experience by his daughter, gold-medalist Vicki Wright of the National Scottish Women's Curling Team and a talented Rev James Wilson wowed us with his own musical skill as he sung a song intended put us in a mood for Remembrance Day. So much fun and great food as well.