June is designated Rotary Fellowships Month to recognize the importance of international fellowship and goodwill among Rotarians with similar recreational and vocational interests, promote increased participation in fellowships, and increase understanding of this program. The RI Board encourages these groups to celebrate Rotary Fellowships Month through projects, activities, and events. Fellowship groups include antique autos, canoeing, cruising, curling. flying. golf, motorcycling, wine, yachting and more - something for everyone! Fellowships provide opportunities for Rotarians to make lasting friendships outside their own Club, District or country. They are detailed on www.rotary.org/fellowships.
You may find many extensive activities of the Rotary Fellowships that your profession, business or industry area has already established. In fact, 7090 Area 3 Assistant Governor Bob Morrow is in the process of establishing a 7090 chapter of the Rotary Wine Appreciation  Fellowship.
If not, why not think about starting one yourself! Fellowships contribute to the advancement of world understanding and peace. Interested Rotarians can join a Rotary Fellowship by clicking: Rotary Fellowships Handbook (729) or even start a prospective Rotary Fellowship if their recreational or vocational interest is not in the list of approved Rotary Fellowships. The Rotary Fellowships are expected to facilitate communication among their members and maintain regular communication with RI.