The name of my school is Colegio Aguia. I didnt have a tour or anything when i got to the school, because it is very very small and there is no need for a tour, also, my host sister goes to the school with me . I dont really need a guide or mentor because it is basically one building that has the office in it, and a couple classrooms for the younger kids, and then you walk outside along this pathway through the yard that takes you to the building where there are two classrooms. one for my grade, and one for the grade younger. my class has 50 kids in in! its crazy. hahah. they sadly dont do anything like fair day at my school, and I dont believe that there is any challenging that goes on between the schools either. I go to a private school, actually all of the exchange students do, because the public schools are in the poorer areas of the city, and they arent very good places to be in apparently. The don't have thanksgiving here which is sad because I love all the food that comes along with thanksgiving in Canada! hahaha .