RCNS Supports the Port Dover Arts Community
Anyone who has been to the Lighthouse Theatre recently will share a view that better seating would go a long way towards making the entertainment experience a bit better! With this in mind, the RCNS has been more than glad to contribute $2,000 to the Theatre in support of their 'Let's Get Cheeky' seat-replacement campaign. 
Lighthouse's aim was to raise $100,000 to replace all of the 350 seats in the theatre. With our donation, we have purchased a grouping of 8 seats in Aisle C.  Each of the seats will have a brass plaque on the arm rest, noting the RCNS donation and reflecting our motto of 'Service above Self'.
The seats are scheduled for installation early in the new year.
Jim Simpson, Chair Community Service Committee and Alayna Simpson, Development Officer at Lighthouse and new President of Rotaract, (not related!) enjoying the two prototype theatre seats, as the RCNS donation is presented to purchase more of the new and improved seats.