'How are you?...REALLY'!?
In a recent webinar to the Rotary community, RI President Gordon McInally, expressed his lead perspective on the need to address mental health issues in our communities. As a result, it is not a surprise that our current-year, Rotary theme of "Create Hope in the World" has a clear focus on mental health issues. The webinar sought to provide early information on the proposed Rotary approach to this objective and may be accessed by clicking here.
An early initiative to advance this priority was to create a focal point at the RI level to co-ordinate information and/or action - the 'Mental Health Initiatives; Rotary Action Group'  was born. The work of this group can be found by clicking on this link - it is a trove of great ideas.
At our own District 7090 level, District Governor Scott Marcin has communicated his views on this topic; a summary of which may be found at this link.
Clearly, there is a lot of work to accomplish but if you're looking for a very simple thing to do, the next time you meet someone in need, try opening the conversation with; 'How are you? ... REALLY'.