Owing to the pandemic, we are 'in-between' our exchange students at the moment. Nonetheless, we remember our great connections from the past and look forward to the program restarting as soon as it is safe to do so.
Yvonne Plater writes-in about our most recent student; "As many of you will know, Minori returned to Japan in July 2020.  She completed her high school courses and was later accepted into a university three hours north of her home.  She mentioned that when she was interviewed by the university they were very interested in her knowledge of English and that she had been an exchange student in Canada.  She has just started her second year in a nursing program.  Her warmth, compassion and caring nature will make her an amazing nurse.  Though her 20th birthday was in May 2021, because of covid, the traditional celebration of this coming of age occurred last weekend.  Her parents gave her the gift of this beautiful kimono. We miss her and she says she misses everyone at our Rotary club too."