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News from Noah - our Exchange Student in Argentina ...."I just wanted to give you an update on my time in Argentina! I can’t believe that I have been here for almost 2 months. My family here is really nice and has been great with helpin...g me with my Spanish. I have 2 host sisters, 1 host brother, a host nephew, and my parents, so it is definitely different than life back in Canada. School is a little boring because my teachers never write on the board and always talk but I really like my classmates. I’ve become good friends with the other exchange students from the area, there are about 31 of us within Corrientes (my city) and Resistencia (the neighbouring city). When I’m not in school I go to the gym with my friends and I’ve recently started swimming at the local pool. The other exchange students and I are also starting 4 weeks of scuba diving lessons! Another great thing is the Rotex (exchange students that have returned home) have tons of activities and things planned for the exchange students here. For example, last weekend we had a Japanese cultural dinner and today we all went paintballing! So all in all, everyone here is really nice and I am having a great time. Chau, Noah "