On Saturday, 22 June, the Rotary Club of Welland Park hosted and District 7090 celebrated a changeover of District leadership to Dave Alexander from Scott Marcin.
Sunrisers attended in strength (Ross Gowan, Mary Mercato, Lisa Bishop, Wolf Lindemann & Dave Nicolle with local Friend-of-our-Club Bob Kowtaluk) and participated in a most enjoyable event in the life of our parent District.
Go to the 'Read more ...' tab for some additional information; reflections from Wolf Lindemann including his comments related to a memorial honouring Karen Oakes as well as a note on the return of lost Rotary bell.
Reflections from Wolf Lindemann
Best of Friends District 7090 leadership Changeover occurred June 22nd on one of the hottest days of the summer. The RC of Welland was a great host showing off Rotary Park. As part of their hundred anniversary their centennial  project was the Rotary archway and the naming of the park, contributing $100,000 for additional park improvements - job well done Welland Rotarians.
Scott Marcin then thanked the District and all the Rotarians who stepped up and supported him in his year, plus capturing 7090's Rotarians eagerness to run and make " Create hope in the World " a major focus on what we do. David Alexander talked about the new theme "The Magic of Rotary" and how he will position District 7090 to greater heights of Community impact and service.
RCNS was well represented as all those attending had great camaraderie, with some friendships renewed and we enjoyed many of the meaningful remarks.
Remembering Karen Oakes
After the Changeover event Welland  Rotary President Tammy Morden started the red oak tree dedication in the memory of Karen Oakes. Tammy talked  about the friendships that had developed between Welland Rotarians and Karen to the point where she became a regular part of the clubs Rotary life. Then Tammy  went into  the significance of the Oak tree besides the common name.
I then thanked the Rotary Club for their dedication and thoughtfulness, talked about the the great relationship that had developed over the years with their  
Rotary Club. Following  that I  went into some detail about the life of Karen and all the different hats wore in her Club, District and Zone. After that we went to the unveiling of the Memorial Plaque.
Returning a Lost Bell
Dave Nicolle and several other Sunrisers accompanied Bob Kowtaluk to assist him in presenting the Rotary bell he discovered at one of his properties in Norfolk County.  Bob returned the bell back to the President of the Rotary Club of Buffalo.  The Buffalo Club had originally gifted it to the Rotary Club of Franklinville (NY ) way back in July, 1956.