What more could we have asked for in this FUNd-raiser to honour our founding, past-president Keith Flexman? ... terrific weather, scenic county routes, a park-like home-setting for Jane and Steve Malo to host us to Kaley-cooked goodies after the rally...
So thought the 21 participating teams (68 route participants with 12 more joining in for the social), mostly from the local area but with some from Stoney Creek and Brantford, not to mention several non-Rotarians from the local area. We were honoured that Joyce and Kelly Flexman could also join us to help out and enjoy our tribute to Flex.
A selection of photos taken during the day are at the 'Read more...' tab below. Others may be found at our Club Runner photo album site.
The grand prize of donated spirits etc was sought by 62 participants with Gail Bouw holding the key to happiness; at least for some of her business clients!
Individual team results are given under the 'Read more...' tab below. Check out how you did!!
Our appreciation goes out to our hard-working Ways & Means group; with a particular thanks to the event organizers Keith Jones, Tina Millea and Louise Schebesch. Special gratitude to Steve and Jane Malo for being our hosts and opening their home for our most welcomed get-together.
Flex would have been so pleased with the day, not to mention proud of us for keeping his idea alive!
Total correct answers for general questions scored out of 75 questions:
Very Honourable Mention with a score of 71/75
Highland Explorers:  
Keith & Gail Catherwood, Lydia Harrison & Gail Bouw
Dover Girls:
Helen Wagenaar & Bobbi Jo Martin
Tied for 2nd place with a score of 72/75
Keith`s Kookie Klan:
Lucine & Gary McKay, Joyce & Kelly Flexman
Sue, Jenn & Jamie Finnie
Too Hot to Handle:
Louise & Paul Schebesch, Tina & Roddy Millea
GRAND WINNERS with a score of 73/75
Team Clueless
Steve Zorad, Michael, Becky & Jen Bollert, Ryan Heffernan & Elliot Coelho 
BONUS QUESTIONS….know your Rotary Club
Scored out of 23 Questions:
Tied for second place with score of 20/23
Too Hot to Handle & Keith`s Kookie Clan
First Place with 21/23
Highland Explorer