Our President, Steve Malo reports from the Ride for Polio scene... 
Alan completed his ride for polio today at Niagara Falls 
The ride which took place on both sides of the boarder raised over $50K all of which will be put toward our continued drive to eliminate this dreaded disease. Since Rotary initiated our drive in 1985 we have raised over $2B. We have made great strides and have experienced great success reducing the incidence by 99.9%  The reality remains that until we attain 100% the goal however elusive has not been reached.
If it were not for Rotary's bold initiative, this disease would not be on the cusp of being eliminated.
I would like to thank those who have supported Alan for this event. Alan presented a cheque to our district governor for over $1.5K at the onset of his ride.  I would also like to thank Alan for representing our club and serving as our ambassador. Job well done.
Alan responds as follows ...
Many thanks to my friends at the RCNS for their kind and generous donations for the ride. Special thanks to President Steve and First Lady Jane for seeing me off at the Falls!
I had a wonderful experience today with the late Ron Mergl’s parents and his wife June recalling our time spent  at the Ontario Veterinary College.  He is a classmate who is truly missed!  Today was just another example of the power and camaraderie of Rotary.
Sincere thanks to you all!
Once its all over, there are more rewards for President Steve and Rider Alan!