Interesting presentation today about physician recruitment from two members of Norfolk General Hospital's recruitment team, plus two recently recruited physicians.
Kelly Isfan is President and CEO of NGH, and Carolyn Beam heads up the very successful recruitment effort at NGH.  Although they have been successful in attracting several new physicians to our community, Kelly was quick to point out that their work is not done.  More specialists and family physicians are needed. 
In photo from left: Carolyn Beam, Kelly Isfan, Dr. Alison Malo, Dr. Lisa-Marie Austin
Although we consider ourselves rural, Norfolk no longer qualifies for provincial assistance to fund incentives or locums that more remote communities can use to lure physicians. 
Dr. Alison Malo grew up in our community and was eager to return to practice.  She agreed to open an office in Port Dover, but several challenges prompted serious second thoughts. Dr. Malo emphasized that support from Carolyn Beam and NGH was critical to help her through that period of turmoil. 
Dr. Lisa-Marie Austin grew up in Ontario and studied at McGill, but followed a career opportunity south of the  border.  Returning to practice in Ontario was not easy, and the NGH recruitment team was a critical support.  Dr. Austin emphasized that the community needs to show its commitment also, so physicians will know they can establish a sound practice in our community.
Whose responsibility should it be to recruit physicians to our community, and to fund the cost of recruitment?