Santa visited the PR&C Cttee just before Christmas and left gifts for the Club!
See our new signage - promotional material needed as a result of old product deterioration and a requirement to adopt the official Rotary branding ideas.
With the blessing of the Board, and some excellent productive work by Stripe Art, we have acquired a new sign at our Argyle St location, new club parking signs for our original sandwich boards and a new 'feather flag' that may be used to attract attention to our gatherings. Club members are encouraged to use these signs as we organize social and fundraising events into the new year.
Getting onto the festive giving arrangements were members of the PR&C Cttee; Jim Simpson, Joanne Kiefer and Nancy Sherwin (well - OK; as the Club Secty, she's not really a PR&C Cttee member but she is a gift to our meetings!)
Go to the 'Read more...' tab to see some 'before & after' photos.
Merry Christmas to the Club from your PR&C Cttee.