Are we busy enough yet??  
The pandemic may have slowed us down a bit, but we now have a full wind in our sails and have returned to our passion for supporting our community.  Just to keep up:
Over the past several weeks, we have completed;
  • four Little Lending Libraries
  • the first of four special speakers in a series highlighting Indigenous Voices; 
  • a Road Rally in honour of our founding President Keith Flexman;
  • a bicycle road tour intended to raise funds to help with the Rotary International aim to eradicate polio;
  • the planting of an additional 6,000 daffodil bulbs along our Sunrise Trail;
  • the restart of Licence#5 of our ever-popular Catch the Ace fundraising event;
  • the planting of a commemorative copper beech tree in Simcoe to celebrate our 25th anniversary;
  • volunteer hours at the Norfolk County Fair and the Riversyde 83 development.
On our immediate horizon, we are planning;
  • an on-line fundraiser to sell and promote Norfolk County products;
  • our annual program to provide warm clothing for local children as winter approaches;
  • participation in our Annual District 7090 Conference;
  • the planting of additional redbud trees along our Sunrise Trail;
  • an on-line auction to raise funds for our community;
  • an event to promote the distribution of women's hygiene products to those in need.
Phew! It’s keeping us busy and we are definitely happier with that situation than beforehand.  All of this activity is detailed on our Club web-page – 
You are all encouraged to use it to keep abreast of our work and play; indeed, it would be great if you might share it with at least one member of your family and/or friends who might have an interest or might indeed pass it along themselves. If we don’t promote ourselves, it’s hard to expect others to do so – who knows; it might even perk someone’s deeper interest in our Club.