Our most recent donation in support of the Waterford Heritage Trail has now been spent - the work is complete and yet more trail has been opened up for the enjoyment of the Norfolk community and its neighbours.
Andy Kooistra provides us with some photos and writes - 'The trail upgrade work has been completed. Thank you Rotary!!
In response, Past-President Steve Malo writes - 'Great photos. The transformation is incredible.  We as well as your trail association are so very fortunate having you as the front man. Great work.'
The original story (as posted on 11 June) as well as some general information about the Waterford Trails is given below at the 'Read more ...' tab.

The Waterford Heritage Trail is well utilized and enjoyed by so many Norfolk residents and tourists alike.  It has been especially popular during the pandemic.
Recognizing this beautiful gem of a trail, the Rotary Club of Norfolk Sunrise has been an enthusiastic supporter of the Trail over the years. We have contributed to bridge repairs, infrastructure procurement, trail development and new contruction.
Recently, we made a further donation for the completion of the last section of trail, the approach to the eventual bridge. Presenting the donation on behalf of Norfolk Sunrise is Steve Malo, Club President and Mary Mercato, Chair of Community Service Committee.  Accepting on behalf of the Heritage Trail is Andy Kooistra, Dave Lapierre and Michael McDonnell. 

The Waterford Heritage Trail network is a 19km decommissioned rail line that connects to the Brantford Rail Trail to the north, and the Sunrise Trail to the south. The trail is part of the Trans Canada Trail. Read more about the trail redevelopment project.

Gorgeous forests, fields, wetlands and grasslands line this rail trail, giving you a diverse landscape to view as you make your way into the town of Waterford. As you head out of Waterford you’ll pass through farmers’ fields, forests and wetlands. The trail supports a variety of activities including hiking, cycling and cross-country skiing.

Click here to learn more about this great recreational Trail - we are blessed to have such outdoor facilities in this County.