Posted on Apr 25, 2019

RCNS Community Service Work - Riversyde 83 

Over the past several weeks, we’ve had a great chance to help
our friends at Church Out Serving as they tackle the work needed to transform
an old liquour store into a community support centre. 
On several occasions, we’ve been able to get into destructo-mode and leave our sweat behind as we helped to clear out the place, tear down a rugged suspended ceiling and generally help out around the construction site.

This was not the kind of thing that everyone could participate in owing to the nature of the work but we offered up many volunteers; all making short work of it. Those able to help out included Peter Wheatley, Jim Dawson, Andy Kooistra, Jim Simpson, Ross Gowan, Dave Nicolle, Alan Plater, Keith Jones, Keith Catherwood and Gail Catherwood.  Eric assures us there will be more chances to help out, before he’s finished with the reconstruction work in the fall.

  Church out Serving has been keeping the public up-to-date on their own facebook page and we’ve even received a bit of sincere recognition for our contribution - see

Photos that resulted from these adventures are at our album(s) at

A couple of the more interesting shots are shown below.

Presidents Leading from the Front!

While Pres Keith certainly knows a lot about dumpster diving, Past-Pres Gail makes a better fashion statement on a construction site; she makes such great cookies too!!