They are back from their Ukrainian homeland; safe in Canada and they are most grateful for this great personal turn of events.
Alex, Yuliia & Yeva, having lived in Canada before (Yullia is a past-member of our RCNS Club), returning to their native Ukraine at the onset of the current conflict. Now, they are living an opportunity to restart their lives in Canada and have been the recipients of Canadian hospitality and generosity. Indeed, our RCNS has offered much moral, materiel and financial support and has been active in getting them settled into their new community in St Thomas. Not to be outdone, the Rotary Club of St Thomas has stepped up and is offering terrific support as well.
In any event, we were glad to welcome them back at our recent 'Welcome Back BBQ' and to reset our support relationships. In turn, Yuliia offered a glimpse of her Ukrainian kindness and appreciation by presenting President John Wallace with several gifts representing Ukrainian heritage - a Cossack Bulava (battle mace), two Tulkas (smoking pipes), several packs of chocolate (from Pres Zelensky's own factory) and a bottle of horilka (Topijika Freedom Edition vodka). John's first Board meeting should be an interesting one!
We all welcome Alex, Yuliia and Yeva back to their second home - Canada!
Photo shows (left to right) James Kristos, Rudi Atkinson, President John Wallace (menacingly holding onto the bulava), Yuliia, Yeva & Alex. Several additional photos are show at the 'Read more ...' tab.