Gregg McLachlan ( or captivated Norfolk Sunrisers this morning with his presentation about how and why social media is key to building relationships and influencing behaviours. 

Gregg’s presentation covered a lot of ground, but he summarizes it with the following Big 3 rules:

  1. Show your authenticity
  2. Show your conversation side
  3. Make followers feel your experience.

In photo with Gregg is Gail Bouw, eager to tweet about this great meeting!



Mobile is king in the social media world today.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – each has a slightly different user base but are quickly replacing traditional media for advertising and readership for a large share of Canada’s demographic base.

So what demographic do we want to reach for Norfolk Sunrise?  We should be choosing our medium according to the audience we wish to reach. It was interesting to learn that Facebook now withholds posts to about 80% of our "friend" audience unless we pay to boost the post. If we intend to use Facebook to advantage, we need to begin budgeting to pay for some targeted advertising that will reach the people we've chosen - still a very economical form of advertising.