The goal of this new District-initiated campaign is to have as many Rotaract and Rotary clubs as possible posting new or different content that answers "What is Rotary?" and "What do Rotaracters and Rotarians do to make our communities better places". 
This week, the first of the campaign, there are three video clips that help to understand Rotary.  You are encouraged to share these links with your family, friends, neighbours, acquaintances - anyone who would benefit from understanding Rotary better.
Video Clip 1 - What is Rotary - 30 seconds; quick and to the point.  It tells about what we do.  Focus is upon us being the original social network.
Go to the 'Read more ...' tab to see two additional video clips on the same topic.
Video Clip 2 - What is Rotary - 2 minutes in length.  Has the history - focus on polio and beyond. 
Video Clip 3 (This is funny; created by a Rotaracter) Speaks to the Person.  Great easy to access messages.  1 minute and 42 seconds.