One of the main issues the RCNS has tried to promote and/or assist with over the years has been related to the improvement of literacy skills. The ways in which we have pursued this aim have been quite varied but our most recent donation to the Norfolk County Public Library (NCPL) has been unique and particularly satisfying.
As a part of the NPL fundraising initiative, the RCNS donated funds to buy additional books for each of the five NCPL locations. In recognition of that support, the library has named the Simcoe upper-floor youth activity area as the 'Rotary Club of Norfolk Sunrise Children's Reading Centre'. We are honoured with this recognition and proud to continue with our support of literacy programs in the County. We cannot think of a better place for our RCNS logo to be than in this particular room and in support of such children's learning.
Well done to Mary Mercato and the RCNS Community Services Committee for coordinating this with Heather King and the NCPL Board and Library leadership.
Shown in the picture are (left to right), Heather King (NCPL Librarian), Steve Malo (Past Pres RCNS), Adam Veri (Chair NPL Board), Louise Schebesch (Pres RCNS), Mary Mercato (Chair RCNS Community Service) and Jennifer Carrier (NCPL Support).
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