We are very proud of our local Trail; the 4 kilometres of Rotary Sunrise Trail going right through Simcoe - we especially know how much the local community uses and appreciates that outdoor facility.
As part of our developing environmental push, and along with Norfolk County support and a wide variety of community partners the RCNS has put a particular push on improving the Sunrise Trail over the past several months. 
You may wish to go to the 'Read more..' tab below to see several photos and to read more about what we've been up to and some of those who have been involved.
Daffodil Gardens - Sept '21.
At the Davis St crossing, we have now planted well over 10,000 daffodil bulbs. We can scarcely wait for next spring to see how the result lifts our spirits. A particular thanks goes out to our Environment Committee and Rudi Atkinson for coordinating the work and arranging for the bulbs.
Anniversary Tree - Oct '21.
We celebrated our 25th Anniversary as a Club by planting a rather significant Copper Beech tree at the Sunrise parkette at the Argyle St crossing. A particular thanks goes out to our past President, Steve Malo who coordinated the work and provided the equipment needed to make it happen.
Trail Widening & Clean-Up - Nov '21.
In the vicinity of the Lions Park, we cleared out quite a bit of accumulated trash, removed several hundred meters of derelict fencing and removed a substantial amount of undergrowth, so as to widen and beautify the Sunrise Trail. We surely note the contributions of Andy Kooistra and his contacts in the equipment world, Dave Bradshaw and his assortment of useful farm equipment and Dave Nicolle as well as many individual contributions by our many club members. In addition to the member-power offered by our club, we are grateful for the support of Trackless Vehicles Ltd of Courtland who kindly donated the crew time for the clearance work. Special thanks to manger Joe Lampert and company president Doug Cadman. We are grateful for the generous disposal help provided by Norfolk Disposal Services, its owner Bernie Debono and Doug Gatword.
Tree Planting - Nov '21.
North of the Davis St crossing, we continued with our program to plant trees along the length of the Sunrise Trail. At this site and over the past weekend, we added no less than 110 Eastern RedBud trees to those we'd already emplaced. A particular thanks goes to our own John Wallace who provided all of the saplings. In addition to the member-power offered by our club, we are grateful for the support of Jess Morris Trucking & Excavating who kindly donated the material, equipment and crew time for our Sunrise Trail project. 
Our Trail.
Not least of all, we want to thank Adam Biddle, Norfolk County Arborist and Mark Boerkamp, Norfolk County Trails Coordinator - they definitely encourage us and support us, as we continue to add value to our Sunrise Trail.