Recognizing the Rotary International focus of mental health and wellness, our Club has tried to inform itself concerning related issues and has further contributed to causes that are seen to be helpful.
Recently, the Community Service Committee has made a donation to one of the key mental health leaders in our area; CAMHS-Wellness & Recovery. With our donation, they have been able to purchase a new stove for their lunch program. As a result, each week The Wellness & Recovery Centre is able to host a free lunch from 12-1pm on Fridays for individuals in the community living with mental illness and/or addiction. The meals are hosted/served at their location at 50 Orchard Ave in Simcoe.
As an aside, CAMHS wants the public to know that in the event anyone; anyone at all, might benefit from this program; they are warmly invited to just drop-in.
In the photo, we see Community Service Chair Scott Williams delivering the donation to CAMHS Wellness & Recovery Centre Program Assistants, Trisha Schotsch & Trish Hyde.