Posted by Jim Simpson on Apr 12, 2019
RCNS - Out and About with our Donations.
   In recent articles about the good we are trying to accomplish with our money, you will have noted a few photos that resulted from our modest donations to the Norfolk Community Help Centre. Herein, is an unsolicited letter received from the NCHC Director, indicating the gratitude they feel and the impact that our donations have. Yes, our gifts may be small in value but as you can read, they are relatively large in resultant impact. Sometimes, the sincerest appreciation comes from the most unassuming of sources.
On Apr 11, 2019, at 17:02, Frank <> wrote:
Hello Jim,
   It seems that soon after our Moms and Tots program wraps up each year - as it did last week - we are eager to share the successes we have experienced.  The first people we want to inform are those who have helped us get here - like the Rotary Club of Norfolk Sunrise.  We were disappointed with the challenging news this year that as a result of some policy changes, a substantial amount of funding we have received in the past for Moms and Tots will no longer be available.  We were inspired that people in organizations like RCNS find ways to reach out and offer their assistance.   
   Providing two hundred dollars which allowed us to purchase tights for our Moms may seem like a small gesture of generosity, but the impact was more widespread than one might have thought. Most of our Moms not only continued to wear them regularly, but some (and this is not really their nature) went out of their way to mention how grateful they were to have received them.  As you know, the Moms and Tots program is offered free of charge and is available Tuesday through Thursday from October to April.  While they are learning, children are provided with a pre-school and school readiness programs in addition to lunch and snacks each day. 
   The two thousand dollars in support we received from the Rotary Club of Norfolk Sunrise through the AGCO “Catch the Ace” proceeds was key to helping us provide transportation subsidies for Moms to get to the program, covering the costs for hot meals, as well as rent and learning materials for the children’s programs.  At this time last year we were excited that two of our Moms were graduating with their high school diploma. As we approach June of this year we are elated as several of our Moms are set to graduate!  
   Please extend our thanks for the financial and moral support which came from RCNS. Just as importantly though, thank you for the interest you have showed in what we do by taking the time to come out and see us, asking the questions and getting to know more about the programs.  As we continue to find ways to face our challenges it is heartening to know there are thoughtful, generous, and supportive organizations like RCNS which contain people who are interested in hearing of our successes.
Frank O’Connor; Program Director, Norfolk Community Help Centre