Ross & Joyce Gowan and Jim & Lynda Simpson (and Andy Kooistra since January) have been delivering Emergency Meals for Church Out Serving since last summer.  Over the year they have put in 540 hours of sweat equity for this pandemic response program.  
Moreover, construction has continued when possible at Riversyde 83.   Ross Gowan and Jim Simpson have been regulars, with Andy Kooistra and Keith Jones adding to the labour force when available.  Together these Sunrisers put in 478 hours of sweat equity.  This is on top of 581 hours that 12 volunteers put in during 2019-20.  If you do the math, that's 1059 hours provided to Riversyde 83 construction.  Well done!
When you include all the hard work done for our fall Day of Action and our fundraisers this past year, the Club has put in 1553 hours of volunteer work this year.  Pat yourselves on the back!