In 2018, Rotarians Margaret Bancroft (RCS) & Jim Simpson (RCNS) were privileged to spend a month in Scotland, curling at 12 different locations as a part of a long-standing Rotary exchange program. Four years later, 16 Scot Rotarians travelled to Canada to curl at 12 different locations; one of which was Norfolk County. While beinge 'wined & dined' by a wonderful group of local Rotary hosts, they were definitely looking forward to the bonspiel and righting the results of the previous visit. 
In the end, the curling was great, and, in the main, the games were close, with the Norfolk County teams edging out the Scotland teams with a small aggregate advantage. 
The 'roarin' spiel attracted good media coverage. As examples, you may read into the Hamilton Spectator coverage at this link and/or the Simcoe Reformer coverage at this link.
A compilation of collected photos from the day's events may be found at our CR Photo Album - go to this link. A smaller selection of photos from the spiel may be found by going to the 'Read more...' tab below.
A huge expression of gratitude goes to the Simcoe Curling Club and its staff and volunteers for their support of this high-profile, Rotary International event.
The two local 'seeded' clubs will each have an opportunity to place two curlers on the 2024 Tour list - Keith Jones (RCNS) & John Vallee (RCS) can scarcely wait! Good curling.