Paul Zorad of Zortech Industries is pictured above in front of a chamber that measures the detailed properties of a light source.  Paul noted there are only 3 of these chambers in Canada, and he explained how important it is for Zortech to be able to measure the exact properties of an LED before they sell it, to ensure the quality that will meet purchaser specifications.
The meeting on Tuesday, April 18, 2017 was at Zortech Industries, home to Paul Zorad.  We met in the company's showroom, previously the "strip room" of the former tobacco barn where tobacco was sorted and baled. Paul gave us a tour of his facilities and explained how the business originated and operates today, focused primarily on LED lighting in a multitude of types, colours, sizes, and applications.  Many of Zortech's customers are large corporate clients, such as Prada Shoes and the Niagara Falls Casino. They also have a range of smaller and more localized customers, and retail their lighting products through local retail outlets. 
One of their primary products currently is a customized LED strip light used in display cabinets and under-mounted kitchen cabinets. They emphasize and guarantee the quality of their products and work.  When asked about the inexpensive LED lights now readily available in stores, Paul noted that "you get what you pay for in LED lighting," and explained that the cheaper brands of lights are not going to have the heat-radiating capacity that the more expensive lights have, so will not last nearly as long.