Contact: Gail Bouw
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Norfolk Sunrise
You will be directed to an address by email on Monday February 18, 2019.  This email will give you the Address of the Host and what to bring
Cost: $25.00 each person ( cheque written to RCNS - Polio)
Would you like to be a Guest:  Responsible to sign up yourself & spouse or friend You will be delegated to bring Either a Salad, Appetizer, Vegetables, or Dessert 
Host:  If you would like to be a Host and have some Members come to your Home.   Please sign up yourself & spouse or friend 
            ****please email also directly to myself
Let me know you would like to be a Host - let me know how many people you can accommodate at your table (please include yourselves in the count).  I also need your Address too 
Hosts are responsible for the main meal - let me know what you want your Guests  to bring  either Salad, Appetizer, Vegetables, or Dessert. 
Please tell me of any dietary restrictions!