Contact: Jim Dawson
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Norfolk Sunrise
TBA - Lions park
Simcoe, ON
Hi Everyone!  We want to reduce the prevalence of the highly invasive garlic mustard which is starting to take over parts of the trail.   Garlic Mustard is best removed by pulling at ground level- so involves a lot of reaching and pulling.  We are going to send a crew to do this in a safe distancing manner- we'll assign an area with no more than 5 people and each group will spread out and pull mustard.  We will have bags available and the county will look after disposal.  
Pulling garlic is hot work and best done after a rain so we have to be a bit tentative. It looks like it might rain on Friday so I'm looking for volunteers for this Saturday(May30)  at 9am.  I expect to be no more than one hour for this work  as it is a lot of bending....
Please let me know if you'd like to help- I'll make a list and assign areas- mostly centred around Lions park.  If we get a reasonable rain on Friday (I will need some Simcoe spotters) I'll send out a reminder to those keen enough to weed !  If we don't get any rain, we'll have to wait for some.....
Note- the county has asked that we make this a club only event; please bring gardening gloves and isolation masks to be safe.