Op EyeSight Update and Fundraiser '21
Operation EyeSight fundraising campaign is under way!  Our International Service Committee has put together a short 5 minute update on the progress of our three Global Grant projects including our newest project in Mzuzu, Malawi in Africa.  See how you are making a huge difference in people's lives with the amazing gift of sight. An update on this internationally coordinated project can be found by simply clicking on this link to get the most recent update on our progress.

If you have any questions about the RCNS work in support of Operation EyeSight, please forward your query to this email address;

If you wish to support our RCNS initiative by making a donation to Operation Eyesight (by eTransfer), please make a direct deposit from your on-line banking to treasurer.rcns1@gmail.com. This is our preferred method of financial transaction; but,

If you have another way (ie other than eTransfer) that you would like to support this cause, please contact us at this email address;