As the glittering season approached, the Rotary Club of Norfolk Sunrise (RCNS) organized and sold tickets for its inaugural, festive-season, fundraiser entitled “All that Glitters”. Over a period of several weeks, members of the public dropped into the Lynnwood Arts Centre (LAC) to view 10 trees and 13 wreaths, each of which had been contributed and/or decorated by local community-minded, businesses and individuals.
On 07 December, everyone assembled at the LAC to participate in the draw for the trees and wreathes. In a moment that only Santa himself could dream of, the most interesting of the trees was won by the most excited little girl. Go to the 'Read more ...' tab to look into the Christmas magic experienced by the Saliba family.
By now, all of the winners will have been contacted and the complete list of those whose names were chosen is at the 'Read more ...' tab. A compilation of event photos can be viewed by clicking here.
The RCNS would like to thank the members of our club who put their creativity and energy into this new event as well as the many businesses and individuals who participated by taking time and resources out of their busy schedules to contribute and/or decorate a tree or wreath - note the 'Read more ...' tab. All monies raised by the club are used to support the local community. 
 Merry Christmas to all; we wish you a wonderful, glittering holiday season.
The Sunrise Story of the Little Girl and her 'Candy Tree'
Many of those who contributed to our festive season initiative spread their tickets out among the 10 trees and 13 wreaths, while others dropped all their tickets for that one special tree or wreath. One little girl in particular who arrived at Lynnwood Arts Center with her Mom and two brothers took her tickets and left to decide where she wanted to put them. Unlike her brother who spread their wealth around, it didn’t take the little girl long to decide her choice once she viewed the tree appropriately entitled 'Candy Land' (as decorated by Lori Stetler from Something Unique). The little girl put all her tickets and hope into that one box. On the evening of the draw, at the Lynnwood Arts Center, the draws were made for each of the trees and wreaths. Whilst it was not required, it happened that this little girl and the entire Saliba family were in attendance, just to be a art of our community festive event. The most magical moment of the evening was when the ticket number was drawn for the 'Candy Land' tree and her Mom waved her ticket telling her daughter “you won, you won!” The girl was excited beyond description and so many others in attendance that night felt that young girl's magic of Christmas at that moment.
Of course, there were many winners that night, some in attendance at the draw and others who would be notified by telephone. Another lucky family won 2 Christmas trees and yet another who won a tree was excited to gift the tree she had won to her grandson who was going to be moving into his own place. So many stories to tell ... what a great evening to lead us towards Christmas.
The Complete List of Trees, Wreathes and Down Winners
Recognition for those Who Contributed to this Festive-Season, Community Event