Rotarians from four clubs got together to work with the Native Women’s Centre to celebrate the 7090 District Conference and to clean their yard and prepare garden beds for planting.  Members of Rotary Clubs of Welland, Fort Erie, Niagara on the Lake and Norfolk Sunrise joined with Native Women's Centre members on Sunday Apr 16 to work on the garden.  The first step was clearing a lot of brush and tree branches from the site- enough to fill a 30ft dumpster which was provided free of charge for the project by Walker Industries to dispose of organic waste.
The existing sandbox area was re-made into a garden with the addition of soil donated by the Rotarians and a raised garden bed was built with help from the Fort Erie Rotarians who came back on Wednesday to complete the raised bed garden. 
Pictured are organisers (R-L) Jim and Marjorie Dawson, Lorne White of Fort Erie Rotary, Christine Pritchard and two helpers from the women’s centre.
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It was a great service project which brought together Rotary clubs and First Nations groups to work on a common project- exactly the kind of project that Marjorie Dawson, Co-Chair of District 7090 RotaryHIP says is what RotaryHIP is all about.  All participants were invited back to celebrate the coming of the sweetgrass which has been growing in the garden for years.
Rotary Honouring Indigenous People (HIP) works to educate and move forward in re-conciliation and actively encourages Rotary clubs to get involved with Native American and First Nations organisations in joint projects. If you would like to hear more about HIP we would be glad to present to your club on how to get involved- Contact Marjorie Dawson at or Jim Dawson at