On Tuesday morning, 01 February, and on behalf of the RCNS, Rudi Atkinson welcomed Stuart Mackenzie to our Zoom meeting to speak to us about his work with Birds Canada and the Long Pint Bird Observatory - see the "Read more ..." tab for additional information and click on Birds Canada to see more about his professional interests.
Stuart's fact-filled presentation provided for an overview of the ongoing research, development and work at the Long Point Bird Observatory. Of particular note was his work associated with the Motus equipment, data collection and analysis as well as the scope of his bird-banding task; work which recently resulted in the passing of the one million birds banded achievement.  Several representative slides from Stuart's briefing pack are shown at the "Read more ..." tab.
Stuart summarized with a quote fro Tennyson (1842) that;
'Here about the beach I wander'd, nourishing a youth sublime.
With the fairy tales of science and the long result of Time."
Marjorie Dawson thanked Stuart for his presentation, noting the number of 'closet birders' he had prompted from within the group and wishing him well with his future work at Long Point.
The Long Point Bird Observatory (LPBO) is the founding member of Birds Canada, which operates research, education and training programs focussed on ornithology, conservation and other aspects of natural history at Long Point, Ontario.
More information about the LPBO may be found by clicking on this link.
Several representative slides from Stuart's briefing pack are given below;